Be Curious

About Me

I am driven by curiosity, a need to learn about world and the human experience. It is what drove me to be a documentary photographer/filmmaker and it is what has led to my study of yoga.

I teach slow vinyasa, gentle, prenatal and postnatal yoga classes that I strive to be accessible to all bodies, I am always happy to adapt the yoga work for the body you are in now. I am available for workshops, private, group and corporate classes throughout the Bay Area and online.

I began practicing yoga at my local gym in 2001 shortly after quitting smoking and was in need of a healthier way to calm my mind. There I found my love of physical activity; Pilates, dance, weights, bicycling, and of course yoga which has remained a constant source of strength and stability in my life. Through my yoga practice I have been able to recover from shoulder and knee injuries, and find healthy ways to live with arthritis and embark on a path to better self-knowledge.

I have been fortunate to study with truly inspiring teachers: Yasmen Metha, one of my first teachers, whose focus on functional anatomy in her yoga and Pilates classes fired up my interest in how the body works. Stacey Swan, whose classes are so clear and accessible to all bodies, motivated me to take teacher training at the Yoga Garden in San Francisco. Stacey and Sonya Genel were my main instructors for the three month training. Over the years I have studied with teachers who have changed my life and practice, here are a few of them: Jean Mazzei, Angela Farmer, Beth Zygielbaum, and Sandy Blaine.